Friday, February 22, 2013

Installing Openstack Folsom on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4

These are quick directions to get a test instance of Openstack up on RHEL 6.4 using the Red Hat Openstack Folsom bits.

If you need access to the Openstack bits from Red Hat, go here and register for the preview:

Build a RHEL 6.4 box with 2 network interfaces.  It helps to install the desktop so you can use firefox on horizon.

Ensure that the hostname is set properly in /etc/sysconfig/network and /etc/hosts.

subscription-manager attach --pool=[use your RHEL pool ID]

subscription-manager list --available
#[find pool ID for openstack subscriptions]

subscription-manager subscribe --pool=[use your openstack pool id]
subscription-manager list --consumed  #just to check everything is subscribed right
yum -y install yum-utils yum-plugin-priorities
yum-config-manager --disable rhel-server-ost-6-preview-rpms
yum-config-manager --enable rhel-server-ost-6-folsom-rpms --setopt="rhel-server-ost-6-folsom-rpms.priority=1"
yum repolist # just to check you have the folsom repository enabled correctly
yum update -y
yum install -y openstack-packstack

# Point to root's ssh key when asked, and take all the defaults EXCEPT don't install Cinder!
Packstack saves the environment variables you need to get things working in ~/keystonerc_admin. Source the file to setup your environment:
source ~/keystonerc_admin

At this point you need to register an image.  You can use a kvm image, I copied a virtualbox VDI image using shared folders and converted it using qemu-img convert.  You can download an f18 image here.
glance  image-create --name="name-of-your-image" --is-public=true --disk-format=qcow2 --container-format=bare < /path/to/your/img.qcow2

If this doesn't work your environment variables are probably wrong.  Check to see if the variables above are set right.
If you are building openstack in a VM, edit /etc/nova/nova.conf and change libvirt_type from kvm to qemu.
service openstack-nova-compute restart

open firefox and go to, login to horizon as [admin / password]

Check images, yours should show up.

Go to project -> instances -> launch instance.

And now you have a working all in one Openstack box!

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